What is Bible Quizzing?
The purpose of Bible Quizzing is to teach students the precious, infallible Word of God.
The ministry of Bible Quizzing provides an incentive for students in the US and Canada to spend hundreds of hours of their personal time each year studying God’s Word.

It is unlike any other ministry available.

Coaches—James & Jackie Fitts        Loran Cook  < Contact: >

Bible Quizzing Structure:
Structure of Teams - (age determined by the age of the quizzer on 12/31/2020)

· Beginner ages 8 and under — LEARN & QUOTE approximately 180 verses
· Junior ages 9-11— LEARN & QUOTE approximately 275 verses

· Intermediate ages 12-14 (or first year quizzers)— LEARN & QUOTE approximately 400 verses
· Experienced ages 12-18 — LEARN & QUOTE approximately 500 verses

The 2021 Bible Quizzing season is on the  Book of  Mark. 
Link to the material:

To sign up to participate or for more information, please contact Loran Cook at